Thank you for visiting the website ("Site") and mobile application(s) of Homeshop Furniture Trading (referred to as "we" or "our"). We prioritize safeguarding your personal information and aim to inform you about its collection, utilization, processing, sharing, and protection. This privacy policy elucidates how Homeshop Furniture Trading employs the information gathered through our online platforms, mobile applications, products, and services. By interacting with our online media, mobile applications, products, and services, you grant Homeshop Furniture Trading permission to manage the information you provide.

This Privacy Policy provides an overview of:

  • Homeshop Furniture Trading collected categories of information
  • What is the justification behind the collection of your information?
  • What methods does Home Shop Furniture Trading employ to gather data through cookies and other technologies?
  • How does Home Shop Furniture Trading process your personal information?
  • What are security measures implemented by Homeshop Furniture Trading to protect collected data?
  • What Are available options for you to control the collection of your information by Homeshop Furniture Trading?
  • What is the policy concerning minors' use of Homeshop?
  • How does Homeshop Furniture Trading utilize and reveal information gathered from you offline?
  • What is the location to access updates to this Policy?
  • How to get in touch with us?

This Privacy Policy pertains exclusively to this website and mobile application(s), and its scope does not automatically extend to personal information obtained from you through offline means. For further specifics on the collection, usage, and disclosure of information offline, please refer to the section labeled "Offline Collection, Use & Disclosure of Information."

It's important to note that we are not accountable for the content or privacy protocols of any external websites except those we directly link to or that link to us.

Homeshop Furniture Trading collected categories of information

We gather the subsequent types of information intending to furnish products and services to you, facilitate communication, refine our products, services, and operations, and for additional operational, legal, and compliance motives:

Identifiers: This encompasses data like names, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and comparable identifiers.

Identifiers (Online): This involves online elements like Internet URLs, Internet service providers, date/time stamps, device models, distinctive device identification, and other digital identifiers.

Customer Account Details/Commercial Information: Information such as items or services you have bought or contemplated purchasing.

Geolocation Data: This category pertains to details like your device or computer's location, as well as shipping and billing addresses, city, and country of residence or your organization's operational base.

Protected Classifications: Data relating to age, gender, or other protected classifications.

Other Personal Information: This covers any additional personal information that, while not explicitly mentioned, can be associated with you logically and reasonably.

What is the justification behind the collection of your information?

We employ various methods to gather user information to deliver an efficient, relevant, personalized shopping encounter. For instance, we leverage your personal information to:

  • Maintain and Retrieve Information: This involves storing and promptly retrieving previously provided information.
  • Facilitate Swift Information Retrieval: We assist you in swiftly locating information, products, and services.
  • Generate Tailored Content: We aim to create content that resonates with your preferences and needs.
  • Notify You of Updates: We notify you about new information, products, and services we introduce.

Registration and Ordering: To access certain sections of this Site/Application or make product purchases, all customers must complete an online registration form providing personal information. This includes but is not limited to, your name, gender, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, email address, and credit card number. Additionally, we may ask for information regarding your country of residence and your organization's operational base to ensure adherence to relevant laws and regulations. This information collection serves various purposes: billing, order processing, internal marketing, and communication related to your order and our Site.

Email Addresses: Various sections on the Site/Application allow you to input your email address. This serves multiple purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • Registering for complimentary, promotional updates
  • Requesting notifications about the introduction of new brands or product styles
  • Subscribing to our email newsletter

Furthermore, participation in any promotional contests arranged by Homeshop Furniture Trading is entirely at your discretion. It necessitates the provision of contact information that is essential for winner notifications and prize distribution. We may choose to publish the names and cities of contest winners on our Site/Application.

Log Files: Similar to most websites, the server hosting the Site/Application automatically identifies the Internet URL through which you access it. Additionally, we may maintain records of your Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet service provider, and date/time stamp. These records serve various objectives: system administration, order authentication, internal marketing, and debugging. (An IP address might offer insight into the approximate location of your computer on the Internet.)

Product Reviews: We request your email address and location when submitting product reviews. While your email address remains confidential, your area will be viewable by other users. Any additional personal information you choose to include in your check will be accessible to other visitors of the Site/Application.

What methods do Homeshop Furniture Trading employ to gather data through cookies and other technologies?

Cookies are compact data fragments stored by your Internet browser as text files on your computer's hard drive. While most browsers automatically accept cookies, configuring your browser to decline or erase them from your hard drive could limit your access to specific sections of this Site/Application. Homeshop Furniture Trading employs cookies to:

  • Facilitate swifter navigation
  • Monitor website usage
  • Identify users and their respective access privileges
  • Enable product selection and purchases on this Site/Application
  • Maintain a record of your browsing behavior and purchases

This Site's/Application's cookies cannot access a user's hard drive to extract sensitive information.

Moreover, this Site/Application utilizes web beacons (also referred to as precise GIF technology or "action tags") to:

  • Assist in the delivery of cookies
  • Monitor views of a web page

Any electronic image on the Site/Application, including advertising banners, can serve as a web beacon. We may incorporate content or advertisements from third-party advertising entities that employ cookies and web beacons to gauge the frequency of web page visits or the volume of products procured.

Information gathered by these third parties through cookies and web beacons remains detached from any personal information we collect.

How does Homeshop Furniture Trading process your personal information?

Internal Utilization: Your personal information serves the purpose of order processing and customer service provision. Internally, we may employ your personal information to compile overall data on visitors to this Site/Application, refine our content and design, enhance our outreach strategies, and promote our services and products.

Communication with You: Your personal information will be utilized for correspondence concerning Homeshop Furniture Trading and your orders. It is requisite for all customers to provide an email address to enable communication regarding placed orders. Following your registration, we may dispatch a confirmation email and, as deemed necessary, notifications related to services (e.g., temporary service suspensions for maintenance). Should you wish to be informed about the introduction of new brands, product styles, or products or to receive our email newsletter and exclusive offers, please provide your email address accordingly. If at any point you choose to discontinue or opt out of receiving future emails, you can do so (for more information, refer to the Opt Out/Corrections section below).

What are security measures implemented by Home Shop Furniture Trading to protect collected data?

We are dedicated to selling merchandise, not the trade of information. As such, we do not sell, rent, trade, license, or otherwise disclose your personal or financial information to any entity except for the subsequent distinct circumstances:

Third-Party Service Providers: Much like numerous online retailers, we occasionally engage third-party service providers to undertake specific functions on our behalf. Any information shared with these entities is solely to facilitate their service provision. For instance, we provide partners like DHL and UPS with your name, shipping address, email, and phone number to ensure the delivery of your orders. Moreover, we might utilize pertinent customer information to assess the quality of service these third parties provide.

Likewise, we must supply your credit card number to financial services organizations, including credit card processors and issuers, for processing payments. The utmost care is exercised in safeguarding your credit card number through state-of-the-art data encryption (further elaborated in the Data Security section).

Legal Obligation to Disclose Information: There could be instances where we are obligated to divulge information, either due to being served with a court order, subpoenaed, or in response to inquiries by law enforcement authorities engaged in investigations. Moreover, compliance with legal mandates may necessitate the disclosure of such information. When safeguarding our legal rights or enforcing our Terms of Use and other agreements becomes paramount, we may release personal information. For instance, we might share data to mitigate the potential for fraud or to thwart fraudulent activities attempted by users on our Site/Application.

Merger and Asset Sale: Our typical practice does not involve selling, trading, or renting personal information to external entities as part of our operations. Nonetheless, there is a potential scenario where we might merge, combine forces with another entity, or be acquired by a different company. Alternatively, we may transfer some or all of our assets. In such circumstances, your personal information might be shared with the acquiring or merged entity while adhering to the prevailing Privacy Notice.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information: We may collaborate with third-party advertising partners by sharing information that does not identify you or any other user. This could include data such as the daily visitors to a specific page or the order magnitude on a given date. The shared information will not contain personally identifiable details.

How Homeshop Furniture Trading Ensures the Security of Collected Information:

This Site/Application employs physical, electronic, and administrative measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information. These safeguards encompass:

  • We employ Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") encryption to protect all financial transactions executed through this Site/Application.
  • You allow access to your personal information solely for employees responsible for specific services.
  • We are engaging exclusively with third-party service providers that we deem capable of ensuring the proper security of computer hardware.

While our operational framework prioritizes the protection of your personal information, it's important to note that achieving 100% security remains a challenge both online and offline.

What Are available options for you to control the collection of your information by Homeshop Furniture Trading?

When legally required, you possess the right to exercise your privacy rights, including accessing, deleting, or imposing restrictions on using or sharing your personal information. To ensure your security, we must verify your identity before fulfilling specific requests.

You have the option to:

Access, Correct, or Update: Review, rectify, or refresh your personal information by logging into My Account and submitting a request through our online Customer Service. You can also get in touch with us by calling -------- or emailing us.

Cease Email Communication: If you wish to stop receiving emails at your email address, follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and select the appropriate option.

Disable or Delete Account: You can turn it off to prevent future purchases via a specific account. You can also do so if you desire to close your account and erase your personal information.

Should you decide to delete your information, you retain the right to request the deletion of specific personal data we have collected from you. For any of these actions, please visit here or contact us by calling/ emailing us.

Closing Your Account with Us:

You can initiate a request for the permanent closure of your account with us. This action will result in the deletion of your data from our systems.

After your account is closed, all products and services linked to your account across all devices (including PC, mobile, and App) will be inaccessible. This includes various aspects such as account information, Wishlist, comments, coupons, subscriptions, order history, returns, and refunds.

Before proceeding with the account closure, please reach out to us. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we're committed to resolving any issues you might face. We value your presence and prefer to address any concerns rather than see you leave.

Important Information Regarding Account Closure:

When you submit a request to close your account, our customer service will email you within 48 hours. The purpose of this communication is to verify the reason for account closure, as well as to ascertain historical order details and after-sales records associated with your existing account. Your response is needed within 5 days to complete the verification process.

Typically, it takes approximately 30 working days from receiving the request to finalize the closure of an account. However, if you have ongoing orders when submitting the request, we recommend waiting until these orders are completed before initiating the account closure.

Assuming there are no issues, outstanding order histories, or after-sales records, we will permanently close your account and erase associated data within 30 working days. It's important to understand that HomeShop Furniture Trading may be obligated or entitled to retain certain types of information as per legal requirements.

Please be aware that closing your account is an irreversible action. Once completed, your report will be permanently inaccessible and cannot be restored. If you decide to resume ordering from us in the future or wish to utilize our products and services that necessitate an account, you will need to create a new account.

Email Marketing: Should you choose to receive them, we will dispatch marketing communications to you via email. These messages keep you updated about our latest products, promotions, and other information that might align with your interests.

As per relevant regulations, we will continue email marketing communications

if you've purchased from us and have yet to opt out.

You can stop receiving direct marketing messages also from us at any time. You can achieve this by clicking [here](unsubscribe link) or reaching out to us at ---------. Another way to discontinue direct marketing messages is by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link embedded in any email you receive from us. Once your request is submitted, we will update your profile to ensure the cessation of further marketing communications.

Please be aware that processing your request and updating our systems may take up to 48 hours. Additionally, please understand that if you discontinue receiving direct marketing messages, you will still receive administrative and service-related communications from us. These include crucial updates regarding your orders and other essential transactional information.

Moreover, suppose you employ various names or email addresses when interacting with Home Shop or utilizing the Site or App. In that case, you might continue to receive communications associated with any terms or email addresses that are not explicitly specified in your opt-out request.

What is the policy concerning minors' use of Homeshop?

We hold children's privacy in high regard. Our practices entail refraining from knowingly or intentionally gathering personal information from individuals under 13 unless we have obtained the consent of the child's parent or guardian.

In other sections of this Site/Application, we have previously asserted that users must be either 18 years of age or utilizing the Site/Application under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

If you are under 13, please refrain from providing any personal information to us. Instead, we encourage you to seek the assistance of a parent or guardian when utilizing the Site/Application.


How does Homeshop Furniture Trading utilize and reveal information gathered from you offline?

It's essential to note that this Privacy Policy specifically applies to the online collection of personal information via our Site/Application.

Furthermore, we extend protective measures to all personal information acquired from you through offline means, such as telephone conversations. When we communicate with you via phone concerning an order or payment, we will solely request the essential personal information necessary to process your order or address your concern. Any information related to an order is stored in our database with SSL encryption (Refer to the Data Security section above for detailed insights).

While this Policy may not encompass every potential method of offline personal information collection or utilization, it's important to underline that any offline gathering, usage, or disclosure of personal information will be treated following our online practices.

What is the location to access updates to this Policy?

To ensure you remain well-informed about the information we gather, utilize, and reveal, we will make any changes to this privacy policy accessible on this Site/Application. We encourage you also to review this privacy policy to stay up-to-date periodically.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the privacy policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How to get in touch with us?

If you have any inquiries or comments about this privacy policy, or if you wish to rectify, update, or delete the information we hold about you or your preferences, please get in touch with us using the contact details provided below.



Email us:


* Company name (entity name)Home Shop Furniture Trading FZE LLC

* Company Registration number 4202899
















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